Student Leaders

At Milawa Primary School we have a vibrant and enthusiastic team of student leaders. Each year our senior students prepare a speech and present this to the community, they are then voted for by their peers and teachers and our new school captains and vice captains are elected. Other roles include administration, sport, environment, wellbeing & community.

The aim of this leadership approach is to disperse responsibility across the school for all of our senior students to assist with their preparation and readiness for secondary school.

It is the responsibility of school captains to prepare and run the school assembly each week, to set an exemplary learning and leadership example across the school and to represent Milawa Primary School at many functions throughout the year.

Our senior students also have opportunities to be leaders through the buddies program. Each year 5 student is matched to a prep student who they spend time with in class and in the yard for two years. All other school students are matched up in a buddy group also.

We also have a ministerial council which all year 5/6 students participate in. There are up to 11 ministerial roles in the school and students apply for a new position each term. Roles include; Public Relations, Sustainability, Communications, ICT, Organisation, Waste Management and Sport & Recreation. Students develop responsibility for the running of many tasks across the school and can use their student voice to implement new initiatives.