Our Values

The following values underpin the beliefs of the Milawa Primary School community and provide the basis for our actions.


Students demonstrate engagement in their learning at school and at home by listening, paying attention, making eye contact, asking questions and being willing to try new things with a positive attitude.


Respect for themselves, others, diversity, opinions, property, time and cultures. This is demonstrated through kindness, honesty, care, responsibility, organisation, by speaking up, lending a hand, being polite, using manners and giving everything your personal best.


We encourage students to take what they have learned and use concepts and knowledge to imagine, aspire, to have ideas, to express themselves, design, write, invent and produce.


Connect with learning, with other students, teachers, parents, the Ovens Learning Community, the local community, the environment and the world. Connect through friendships, make links with learning, online in the digital world, through reading and participation in wide and varied experiences.