Milawa has a rich history of high expectations for learning. We love to try new things, and provide a personalised and authentic approach to learning, that allows each student to achieve their best. Our staff engage in ongoing professional learning and we bring the latest in evidence informed teaching and learning to our students.

We offer an exciting program that includes the full breadth of the Victorian Curriculum 2.0 with an emphasis on collaboration, the natural environment, physical activity, wellbeing and integrate 1:1 acess to iPad devices and the Google Suite of Apps for Education.

We provide Tutor Learning for students who need a boost, we engage a tiered approach of support for disability inclusion, and we have a health and wellbeing lead teacher to teach, guide and promote wellbeing in all staff and students and their families.

Student agency is important to us, and we empower our students to answer the 5 questions for learning:

What am I learning and Why?

How am I going with this?

How do I know?

What is next for me to learn?

Where can I go for help?