What We Offer

Student Learning
At Milawa Primary School we offer our students a personalised approach to learning and each student has their own individual learning plan. Our teaching staff are dedicated professionals who focus on explicit teaching at each child’s point of need. We have high expectations of each student and are committed to providing an engaging learning experience that will see them reach their potential.

Our staff teach according to the Hume Region Classroom Teaching Techniques, these are designed to set them apart as experts, not just experienced teachers and include:

  1. Positive Relationships
  2. Protocols for Teaching
  3. Knowledge of Content
  4. How Students Learn
  5. Explicit Teaching
  6. High Expectations
  7. Feedback and Reflection

Our classroom practice is also firmly rooted in evidence based practice and models such as the work of John Hattie in ‘Visible Learning For Teachers’ 2012.

We teach according to the AusVels curriculum and our program includes a core classroom teacher and other visiting specialists. We explicitly teach literacy, numeracy, emotional intelligence and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Content areas such as science, history, geography, and humanities are integrated into the program. We also have the cross curricular priorities, sustainability, indigenous Australian culture and Asia. All students also participate in specialist classes in LOTE Italian, Music, Science, Drama, Library, Art and Bluearth.