Our Staff

Key staff members and teachers for 2023

Name Description
Bron Wright Principal
Jess Brennan Class Teacher F/1
Ash Campbell Class Teacher 2/3
Rick Petts Class Teacher 4/5/6
Kristy Eames Education Support
Dianne Robinson Business Manager
Anthony Lawler Library / MARC (Science)
Anna Buchanan-Old MACC (Art)
Kaye O’Kane PE / Performing Arts
Maria Rinaldi LOTE – Italian
Nathan Mullane School Council President
Beck Canning Parents & Friends President

Classroom teachers may be contacted via email. Please note, teachers may take a day or two to return your email as they are very busy for most of their day teaching and catch up on administration when they can.

Bron Wright (Principal) – milawa.ps@education.vic.gov.au
Jess Brennan (Teacher F/1) – jessica.brennan@education.vic.gov.au
Ash Campbell (Teacher 2/3) – ash.campbell@education.vic.gov.au
Rick Petts (Teacher 4/5/6) – ricky.petts@education.vic.gov.au