School Logo

Milawa Primary School logo

The refreshed Milawa Primary School logo carries forward the existing ‘grape’ icon and colours symbolising the strong connection to community and the regional world class grape growing and wine industry.

The refreshed symbolism represents the individualism of the students with in the school community. It portrays ideas of grouping and working together and a learning journey of growing, building and consolidating.

For more information on how our logo should be used correctly please view the
Milawa Primary School style guide.pdf

If you require any more information or the appropriate image files please contact
Karen Vincent
0434 005 889

Information for school uniform providers

We have two variations of the logo for our school uniforms. The size including text should be 60mm W x 80mm H.

Version 1: Navy logo with white text on red background for our school polo shirts.

Version 2: Red logo with white text on navy background for our school bags.

School Hats: Red logo with NO text on a navy hat (logo 45mm diameter)

Milawa Primary School embroidery samples

Milawa Primary School embroidery samples.